The Personal Finance Benefits Of Working Longer

Working longer reduces the risk of not having enough. Near- retirees and those in the second half of life have an opportunity to boost household finances by earning a paycheck well into the traditional retirement years. Most people realize it isn’t realistic to expect that they can save enough over a thirty- to thirty-five-year career… Continue reading The Personal Finance Benefits Of Working Longer


Entrepreneurship Is Key

Experienced workers are particularly suited to join the startup culture, whether they are pushed into it--involuntary retirement--or pulled into entrepreneurship--acting on a dream. Entrepreneurship is also a reflection of our culture. Many people harbor dreams of starting their own enterprise. Owning a business with or without employees can be a source of income that offers… Continue reading Entrepreneurship Is Key


Creativity Doesn’t Decline With Age

You know the pernicious and widely accepted stereotype that people in the second half of life aren’t creative. Experienced workers are set in their ways, reluctant to learn new skills, unwilling to embrace new technologies and new ways of doing business—or so we’re told. A major theme of my book Purpose and a Paycheck is… Continue reading Creativity Doesn’t Decline With Age